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Pheobe Halliwell

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Full Name: Phoebe Halliwell

Birthdate: 11.2.75

Powers: Clairvoyance (Premoitions or to see the past and future), Levitation, and Empathy

Nicknames: Phoebes/Pheebs (by her sisters), Freebie (High school)

Family: Patti Halliwell (mom), Victor Bennet (dad), Prue Halliwell (oldest sister), Piper Halliwell (older sister), Paige Matthews (younger half-sister), Leo Wyatt (brother-in-law), Cole Turner (ex husband), Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (oldest nephew), Chris Perry (youngest nephew), and Penny Halliwell (grandmother)

Being: Witch/Human 

Height: 5'2       Hair: Long Brown (S1-early S3), Blonde (late S3), Brown (S4-S5), Short Dark Brown (S6)

Past Relationships: Clay (dated),  Cole Turner (divorced), Miles (dated), Jason Dean (dated), currently looking for future husband

Jobs: lounge psychic, Bucklands assistant (less than a week), SWA Properties Asstistant (less than a day), Advice Columnist at "The Bay Mirror Newspaper" (currently)

Sign: Scorpio

Fears: Losing a Sister, and becoming evil, being stuck in an elevator (claustrophobia) (biggest)

Favorite Quote: ?