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Rose McGowen's Info

Occupation: Actress
Name: Rose McGowan
Date of Birth: Sep. 5, 1974
Place of Birth: Florence, Italy
Raised in Children of God cult in Italy
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'3"
Education: Art school, Seattle, Washington; 1995: Beauty school
Relationships: Ex-boyfriend: Marilyn Manson singer, engaged February 12, 1999 - Dating Ahmet Zappa, 27, the son of the late rock star, Frank Zappa-(2002)
Hobbies: She knits, gardens, and collects Marlene Dietrich memorabilia.
Fact: Sings on Marilyn Manson's CD, "Mechanical Animals" on the track "Posthuman"

Family: Siblings Five McGowan is the second oldest

Rose Quotes

On Charmed:"I've never had a job that's lasted more then two and a half months, so [I'm] still grappling with the fact that this isn't gonna be over anytime soon, And I don't think I've ever been more tired. I've laughed, cried, been shot at by demons, and we're [only on] the first episode."

On Ex Marilyn Manson: ""There is great love, but our lifestyle difference is, unfortunately, even greater."

On History: "I think if I had lived back in Salem, I would have been burned at the stake."

Some Rose History

Rose McGowan, was born second oldest with five brothers and sisters.. Rose grew up in the "Children of God" religion in Florence, Italy and did not even speak English until the age of ten when her mother decided to move to America after her father ran off with one of the group's child-minders. After leaving Italy when she was ten (the commune when she was 15), she was pretty much on her own. Over the years, she had a variety of jobs and often had to lie about her age in order to get them. She worked as a waitress, sales clerk, ticket taker, and other minimum wage jobs.

Always a bit rebellious, Rose took drugs, got "kidnapped", and put in rehab, escaped, lived on the streets, and hung out in Portland's gay clubs, bouncing back and forth between her folks and her posh aunt. Rose went to several beauty schools, and eventually followed a boyfriend to L.A. While she was their, she started her acting career with a cameo in the movie "Encino Man" back in 1992, from their she went on to do more breath taking movies such as "The Doom Generation", "Lewis And Clark and George", and the infamous "Scream".

After her name was out, Hollywood wasn't the only one interested in Rose. Rose met her Fiancée' Brian Warner (who moved to Hollywood just to meet her), at the screening of the movie "Gummo" in Oct. of 97'. After a year and a half relationship, Brian proposed to Rose while taking a bath on Feb. 12th 1999