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Paige Halliwell

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Full Name: Paige Matthews

Birthdate: 8.22.77

Powers: Telekinetic Orbing, Orbing, Glamouring, Healing (with help)


Family: Patti Halliwell (mom), Sam Wilder (dad), Prue Halliwell (eldest half-sister), Piper Halliwell (older half-sister), Phoebe Halliwell (older half-sister), Leo Wyatt (brother-in-law), Cole Turner (ex brother-in-law), Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (eldest nephew), Chris Perry (youngest nephew), and Penny Halliwell (grandmother)

Being: Whitelighter-Witch

Past Relationships: Glenn (dated), Shane (dated), Nate (dated), Richard (dated), Currently Single

Jobs:  South Bay Social Worker Assistant, Social Worker (half a day), Full Time Witch, Temp Jobs- Dogwalker, Fruit Packer, Assistant at The Bay Mirror, Home Aid Helper, Currently Between Temp Jobs and being a Full Time witch

Sign: Leo & Virgo

Fears: Claustrophobia (Biggest)

Favorite Quote: ?