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Leo Wyatt

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Age: If he were still alive, 70's
Occupation: Whitelighter/handyman
Marital Status: Married to Piper, and was also married to Lilian before he was killed in WWII
Living in the Victorian manor like the Halliwells, it's good to have a handy man around the house. Especially when Leo Wyatt turns out to be a guardian angel for witches called whitelighter. He was constantly time-challenged as the Halliwells kept calling for him to heal one of their dying sisters. One just have to wonder how he managed to remain sane all this time, especially the pressure that is mounting on him as the time for The Charmed Ones and The Source to confront draws nearer. But when Leo falls in love with Piper, however, he has more than just household repairs and the confrontation to worry about, as whitelighters are prohibited from romancing with the witches they protect, and breaking the rules could mean drastic consequences.

In season 2, Leo had to clip his wings because he wanted a normal relationship with Piper. In the end, in order to save Piper, he regained his wings but they had to stop their budding romance. But in season 3, their love for each other finally came through and they were allowed marry, under the watchful eyes of Prue, Phoebe, Penny, Patty and Victor. Throughout the five seasons of “Charmed”, Leo takes up the role of guiding the sisters towards their goal, seemly unconcerned of their matters but yet at the same time, teaching them all they need to know about the magical worlds that was beyond their comprehension. He is also the messenger between The Charmed Ones and The Elders or The Powers That Be, informing the girls of what their latest “mission” are all about and also information that is necessary in their vanquishing. His main powers include orbing, healing and sensing his charge, although it is highly possible that he has other powers.