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The Charmed Story


Here are some sites (about Charmed) that you can go visit:

The Charmed Ones - This is an awesome site! (not official) A lot of information on the show, actors/actresses, and many other things like Spoilers, News, etc.!

Charmed Lair - This is another very nice Charmed fan site! Lots of information, pictures, and a very nice layout!

All About Wyatt - This group is a group mostly about lil' Wyatt Halliwell. Many pictures of Wyatt, too. But not only does the site have Wyatt information, but it also has other characters including Paige, Piper, and Phoebe. It's a cute site!

-Halliwell Haven  If you have a Charmed site, you might want to be a part of this awesome Charmed site! A lot of info. on that site, and a whole lot more!

The-Charmed-Ones-Forever - Want blinkies? Go to this awesome Charmed site! It also has a lot of pictures and information!

Haylie's Charmed Forum - A place where you can chat about Charmed!

Power Of 3 Witches - WonderfulWhitelighter's Charmed site!