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The Charmed Story

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Shannen Doherty
Prue Halliwell
Holly M. Combs
Piper Halliwell
Allyssa Malono
Pheobe Halliwell
Rose McGowan
Paige Halliwell
Leo Wyatt
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The Charmed Story

Charmed is a series on the WB it is about three of the most powerful witches in our time. Their everyday battle with evil has made the world a better place. With their potions and vanquishing spells, they destroy demons and save the innocents like you and I. Each sister is blessed with a wonderful power. Piper Halliwell is the oldest. She is blessed with Temporal Status and Molecular Combustion. Phoebe, the middle sister, is blessed with the powers of Premonition, Levitation, and Empathy. Paige, the baby half sister, half whitelighter, is blessed doubly. She has the power to Telekinetic Orbing, Orbing, and to Heal with the help of Leo.

The sisters learned of their long lost sister after having their older sister, Prudence, was killed by Shax, a demon on a mission to kill and end the Charmed Ones Forever. The Charmed Ones were unsure of their destinies that started with a simple incantation read from the famous Book Of Shadows. Their lives were never the same after that occured. And the ever ending quest for a normal life seemed hopeless. But they were blessed. Phoebe found the love of her life and they will go down in history as Phoebe and Cole, a Charmed witch changed an evil demon and fell in love later to be vanquished because he became the Source of all evil. Through all this, it wasn’t all peaches and cream at times the sisters themselves got turned into demons and had to be saved by the love of one another.

Piper fell in love and married their whitelighter, Leo and had a doubly blessed baby, a true magic baby named Wyatt. This is a great show it's so powerful and heartwarming you can't help but fall in love with the Charmed sisters: Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. Let's not forget Prue, our dearly departed sister. She is truly missed.