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Prue Halliwell

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Full Name: Prudence Halliwell

Birthdate: 10.28.71

Family: Patti Halliwell (mom), Victor Bennet (dad), Piper Halliwell (younger sister), Phoebe Halliwell (younger sister), Paige Matthews (younger half-sister), Leo Wyatt (Brother-in-Law), Cole Turner (Ex Brother-in-Law), Penny Halliwell (grandmother),Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (oldest nephew), Chris Perry (youngest nephew)

Powers: Telekinesis, Astral Projection

Nickname: Prue (shortened version of Prudence)

Being: Witch/Human           Height: 5'3            Hair:Dark brown/Black

Past Relationships: Andy Trudeau (Dated), Jack Sheridan (Dated)  She died Single but hopefully is with Andy "up there"

Jobs: Curator at the Museum, Bucklands auction(aire), 415 Magazine Photographer

Sign: Scorpio

Fears: Drowning (biggest), Dying young and having history repeat itself (expressed many times)

Favorite Quote: ?

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