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Piper Halliwell

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Full Name: Piper Halliwell

Birthdate: 6.7.73

Powers: Temporal Statis (freezing) and Molecular Combustion (explosion)

Family: Patti Halliwell (mom), Victor Bennet (dad), Prue Halliwell (older sister), Phoebe Halliwell (younger sister), Paige Matthews (younger half-sister), Leo Wyatt (Husband-seperated but still married), Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (eldest son), Chris Perry (youngest son), Cole Turner (ex brother-in-law), and Penny Halliwell (grandmother)

Being: Witch/Human       Height: 5'2          Hair: Dark Brown

Past Relationships: Jeremy (dated), Dan (dated), Currently Married to Leo Wyatt

Jobs: Bank Cashier, Quake Manager, Owner of Club P3 (currently)

Sign: Gemini

Fears: Spiders, That her children will grow up without a father (biggest), Snakes, that she will never live a normal life, and whenever something good happens something terrible happens (minor or consistent)

Favorite Quote: "Gee, ya think?!"